The red and blue boxes are singing in the street outside of your house.  Sweeping concrete dust, skateboarding woods, a rake through the soil of plastic flowers.  Some of the above, seagulls always above…talking about the weather on their mobile phones.
A new solo project by cartoonist Malcy Duff.  Using unrecyclable packaging, recordings and voice, sounds are created from reading drawn scores.

Saturday 1st August, 3pm
A film by Frank Mosley
65 min/2014/USA

HER WILDERNESS weaves an elliptical, minimalist narrative of a lost, wandering child in the wake of an affair that may or may not have even happened.
Both wildly operatic and quietly mysterious, while blending memory with fantasy, HER WILDERNESS is a portrait of four women wondering just how much power they wield in choosing their next stage in life. A multi-platform project that is both a feature installation film and an online interactive experience, it is an investigation into responsibility, identity, and choice.
A fairy tale for adults.
Playing WEEKEND ONE, 1 & 2nd August, at 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm.
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Totaller's Wall is Hadrian's Wall in reverse - one that repels the constraints of civilisation and defends the liberating forces of barbarism!

You can view the wall for the next three weekends.  

Saturday 15 August will see the Wall activated with 'Heads' made by fellow Sheffield artists. These heads will take a variety of forms and will serve as a warning/decoration/totemic defence along the ramparts of the wall like gargoyles.

Totaller featuring work by Lesley Guy, Dale Holmes, Lea Torp Nielsen, Conor Ferguson, Michael Day, Dominic Mason, Richard Bartle, Charlotte Morgan, Sean Williams, Maja Mihajlovic, Victoria Lucas and Neil Webb.

Still from #bible by Danielle Georgiou, ©the artist

Please have a look at the google calendar at the bottom of the blog page for details of whats on each weekend in August, Edinburgh Arts Festival 2015.